Fly Drone in Taiwan

2019年6月30日 星期日 3 comments

        Because of technology innovation, drone is cheaper and easy to carry on for lots people. However, unsafe fly causes not only crash of drone, but also damage to human life. Here are some guidelines for your to fly a drone in Taiwan.


2019年3月14日 星期四 0 comments

        In Taiwan, bus is a cheap transportation tool. In some city, bus is even free. Bus also increases the accessibility of rural attractions, especially for foreign travelers with constraint budget.  The most challange of taking bus is that you cannot know the exact thime the bus will arrive. Although sometimes you can download timetables if the timetables you want is easy to find, but bus may be a few minutes earlier or latter.  Here is the solution:Bus App.

Day trip of Yehliu,Jiufen, Shifen, or Huallien between Taichung ? Some Tips Behind the Map

2018年12月31日 星期一 0 comments

        Foreign individual visitors usually take linear distance in map as the base of organizing their itinerary.  However,  the public transportation may be different from the map. What matters is the transportation distance. 30 km  in map may takes longer hours than 300 km does. Transfer and bus/train interval are also important to your itinerary arrangement. Here are some tips that make your itinerary run smoothly.

Cherry Blossom, Calla Lilly, Ripe Rice and Flower Sea in Taiwan

2018年9月25日 星期二 1 comments

        Nature beauty is one of the most attractive features in Taiwan. You can see different beauty at different seasons.  Although you can find some information about the place and time about the nature season, however, the information may not be useful to your itinerary. You need to adjust your itinerary a lot in order to catch the seasonal beauty. In fact, you can smooth your itinerary if you have a nature beauty calendar.

Hello Kitty Train

2018年8月9日 星期四 0 comments

        In Taiwan, train is only a kind of transportation tool,  it is also a kind of fun in the trip. Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) provides various events and special cars for railfan. e.g. locomotive steam train, cruise train, Hello Kitty Train.

Transportation of Taoyuan Airport

2017年5月28日 星期日 1 comments

        Taoyuan Airport(TPE) is the most popular airport for foreign visitors who visit Taiwan. Therefore, the transportation is one of the most common questions. The transportation questions include how to go to other cities, what bus is available in the midnight, and etc.
Taoyuan Airport(TPE)
<At the Beginning>
<Transportation Framework>

Taichung Attractions & Transportation

2017年1月29日 星期日 9 comments

        Located at middle west of Taiwan, Taichung is the transportation center of middle Taiwan. Taichng is the transfer center to Sun Moon Lake, Cingjin, Jiji & Xitou as well. There are also lots places of interest in Taichung.  This blog will introduce how to go these places and make itinerary plan by public transportation efficiently.
Xinshe Flower Sea

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

2016年12月7日 星期三 9 comments

        Pingxi Sky Lantern is one of the biggest culture events in Taiwan. It falls on the 15th day after Chines New Year. New Taipei City Government will hold 3 group launching events between CNY and Sky Lantern Festival. Some foreign visitors may be confused the event locations. Here are some tips for these events. 
2016 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival @ Jingtong

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