Hot Spring Season in Jinsan

2013年10月22日 星期二

         Fall and Winter are the seasons for hot spring. Lot travelers go to a hot spring when they visit Taipei. In additional to Beitou and Wulan, Jinsan is also famous for its hot spring and Jinsan provides a special hot spring experience with country life, culture, and a relaxing afternoon.
An Ancient Hot Sprint Built in 1939.
photo by Catty Wang

         Jinsan, a small fishing village, is lying at the north foot of Yangminshan and facing the ocean. Jinsan hot spring is less mentioned in tour guide. However, it is more attractive.Because its unique geography, there are lots choices for hot spring. You can choose a hot spring with ocean view or mountain view. You cannot find a hot spring villa in other places in which you can be totally naked in the outdoor hot spring pool with gorgeous ocean view. It is hard to find a place that You cannot find other places that you can also enjoy the tea hour after hot spring with cheap price.

Tea hour at hot spring villa
Verdant Mountain View at Hot Spring Villa

Other traveling resources
         Jinsan reserves the culture and nature resources well. Besides hot spring, you can also include some traveling attractions into your itinerary.

      Yehliu Geopark is located in 7 km east of Jinshan. It is a long cape 1.7 km in length.The rock landscape of Yehliu Geopark is one of most famous wonders in the world.

  • Traditional Sulfur Fire Fishing
      The fishers use sulfur fire to attract fish and get them. The tradition practices between June~Aug. In the busy season, the fishing boats start fishing from the evening and discharge in the midnight, and go fishing again until the dawn.

  • Rice Terraces
      Terraces is a kind of agriculture engineering that takes use of the slope of hill.  It maximize the area for planting. It also reuses the downstream water to increase the fertility. Rice Terraces is located at BaYien, and the bus stop is GreenPeak Holiday Villa.
Rice Terraces, BaYien
Sunrise at Jinsan
      There are 2 bus lines connecting Taipei and Jinsan. Kuo-Kuang 1815(blue line in the map) starts from Taipei Main Station, passing through MRT Taipei City Hall Station, and arrives the Jinsan Youth Activity Center. Kingbus takes about 90 minutes.The interval of Kinbus 1815 is about 10~15 minutes. Royal Bus 1717 (red line in the map) goes through Yangmingshan National Park and takes about 100 minutes to finish the whole line. The interval of Royal Bus 1717 is about one hour.
      There are other bus lines which make your itinerary more flexible. Bus 790 is between Jinsan and Keelung.   Bus 862 is between Danshui and Keelung and goes along HWY 2, which provides magnificent view of the North coast.

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1.This blog is finished with the help and free service of local hot spring villas.
2.The cover photos are provided by Catty Wang

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