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2013年12月10日 星期二

      Most guide books introduce places of interest one by one. Some may provide a brief maps. You can choose your places of interest within a few days. However, it may takes you a few months organizing your travel itinerary because of the transportation. Here is another alternative to plan your travel itinerary by google maps.

Travel Taiwan Map collects frequently visited places of interest

Use Google Maps to Plan Your Itinerary
Lunch the map in mobile device.
       Because all travel information provide different types of maps, address and etc, goole maps can converge all the information together. Before I travel , I will put all places of interest in google maps to plan my itinerary. I collect some places of interest that most foreign travelers may ask in google maps and embed with pictures and travel information. I also provide useful transportation combination. In order to keep the map clear. I do not include railway & HSR inside.
      The maps is always updating, including new places , photo & information. If you want to know some places of interest which is not in the map, please leave your need in the following comments.
      The maps can give you a rough idea about the geographic locations and make your traveling plan more smooth. You won't miss any place of interest nearby.Because there are too many places of interest, you can click your candidate places and choice "Save to map". You can edit in "My Place".
      You can also lunch the map in your mobile device. By click on the map link, you can browse the map in your mobile phone.

Train Travel in Taiwan
       One of the feature of the map is I include some importation public transportation line in the map. You can know how to go to Hualien from Taipei if the train tickets are sold out. You can also know how to enjoy the 3-day trip between Sun Moon Lake & Alisan.
      Most travelers do not like take too much time in transportation. Guide books seldom introduce how to enjoy the transportation. However, that's one of the impressive traveling experience you should not miss when you travel in Taiwan. Please follow the colorful line in the maps to enjoy the beautiful scenes in your transportation.

Event Travel 
Event Travel in Taiwan
      Not only traditional festivals but also seasonal festivals, there are lots events you can join. I include some events in the map. Please note the dates, especially some dates are Chinese lunar calendar.

      Since there are lot traveling resource in Taiwan, I am always updating the maps and information. If you need to know somethings that are not in the maps, please feel free to tell me your need.

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  1. Hi

    Can you invite me to read your 3 day travel blog from Sun Moon Lake & Alishan ?

    Cyndi Bak

    1. Hi, this is a 5-days package and you can finish it within 3 days.
      or you can search Alisan in the searching bar at the top right corner of this blog


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