Transportation Between Cinjing, Sun Moon Lake, and Alisan

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        For most foreign travelers, Cingjing, Sun Moon Lake, and Alisan are popular places of interest. Because the long distance and lower frequency of public transportation between these places, how to gather the information of public transportation and arrange a good itinerary becomes a big challenge for foreign travelers.

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<Transportation Line & Timetable>
<Further Information>
        Let's have a look of the simplified map. You can get quick understanding of the public transportation between these places. For example, The blue line between HSR Taichung Station shows the name of the bus line and tells you that the shuttle bus does not go to Puli Station.of Nantou Bus. And black line between Cingjing and Sun Moon Lake shows that in additional to transfer at Puli Station, there is a direct bus you can take.
        Be noted that the timetable, transportation lines, package tickets, reservation methods and etc. in here may not be always updated, especially in the end of beginning of the year. Please confirm the details from the original website before you arrive Taiwan.

<Transportation Line & Timetable>
        The following is a brief introduction about the Transportation Line & Timetable.  You can read the following section Package Tickets before reading this section. The following itinerary is basing on the assumption that you start your trip from HSR Taichung Station(Taichung Train Station) or Chiayi Train Station(HSR Taichung Train Station). It is another topic that how to go to these terminal. You can take bus 156 or carpool, for example,to HSR Taichung Station if you arrive Taichung Airport.
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Bus 156, Taichung Airport<->HSR Taichung Station

  • HSR Taichung Station <-> Cinjing

        Although the bus line start from Taichung Gancheng station, you need to walk about 15 minutes from Taichung Railway Station with your luggage in the heavy traffic area. It is better to take the bus from HSR Taichung Station.

        You can take the direct bus if you can meet the time in the following timetable. There are 5 runs (6 runs in weekend/holiday) of direct bus.You can also transfer at Puli Station (HSR Taichung<->Puli and Puli <->Cingjing ) if you cannot catch the direct bus. The bus interval for HSR Taichung Station<->Puli is about 20~30 minutes only.
Bus Between Taichung & Cingjing

  • Cingjing <->Sun Moon Lake
        There are also 2 choices. You can take Nantou Bus for Cingjing<->Puli & Puli<->Sun Moon Lake You need to transfer at Puli by this alternative. The bus timetable of Cingjin<->Puli is mentioned above and the bus interval of Puli<-> Sun Moon Lake is about 30 minutes. It's a cheaper alternative with total cost of 127+62=NTD 179 and duration, not including waiting time in Puli, of  70+40=110 minutes.
        Another alternative is the direct bus provided by Cingjing Bus with duration of 70 minutes and NTD 450 per person. The brief information of Cingjing Bus is described as below. The brief information is for reference only. Please remember to confirm the exact time and meeting point before taking the bus:

     Cingjing -> Sun Moon Lake
      Meeting point: Front Porch of your accommodation at Cingjing
      Time of Departure: 09:00, 13:30 (11:00 is available only under certain circumstances)
     Sun Moon Lake -> Cingjing area 
      Meeting point: The dock of Sun moon lake, right next to
Hotel Dellago.
      Time of Departure: 12:00-13:00, 16:30-17:30

  • HSR Taichung<->Sun Moon Lake
      For detailed information, please refer to Taiwan Shuttle Bus Sun Moon Lake Route. The time table is as below: 

  • Sun Moon Lake <-> Alisan
       YL(YuanLin) Bus 6739 provides the service (Line 6739) between SML & Alisan. YL(YuanLin) Bus 6739 goes along HWY 21, on which you can see Yusan Mountain in the east. The time table is as bellow:
       SML 08:00->Sin Yi Farmers' Association   9:10->Tataka 11:10-->Alisan 11:50
       SML 09:00->Sin Yi Farmers' Association 10:10->Tataka 12:10-->Alisan 12:50
       Booking Phone:SML Office 049-2856428
       Alisan 13:00-->Tataka 14:00->Sin Yi Farmers' Association 15:50->SML 16:30
       Alisan 14:00-->Tataka 15:00->Sin Yi Farmers' Association 16:50->SML 17:30

       Since 2015, you can book bus 6739  1 month~3 days in advance by e-mail. Fill the form(from SML to Alisan)/ form (from Alisan to SML) and mail to the mail address inside the form.  Be Noted:
  1. The Link is checked on 19 Jan 2017. You should check the official website to check update. If you cannot read Chinese, write to Carbon copy:
  2.  Although the English note says "Please make the reservation at least three days before your departure day", The Chinese note say You should book at least one week before departure. Book ASAP!
  3. Confirm,Confirm and Confirm ! Since the mini bus has only 19 seats. You should confirm no matter by e-mail, phone or prints. For the passengers depart from Alishan to Sun Moon Lake, please dial the number 049-2770041 before 18:00 on the day before departure day to reconfirm the reservation. If not, the reservation would be canceled.
Bus 6739 Booking Form


        According to feedback from some traveling forums or my blog, it seems lots foreign visitor may be confused with transportation systems or the relative locations of Alisan Forest Park, Fehchihu, Alisan Forest Railway Main Line, Zuishan  Branch Line.  There are some important facts you should know before arrange your Alisan itinerary: 
➣ Alisan Forest Railway Main Lines is only open between Chiayi Railway Station and Fenchihu Railway Station. The part between Alisan and Fenchihu is under maintenance.
➣ It takes about 3 hours by bus between Alisan Forest Park and Chiayi Railway Station.
 The sunrise platform is at the end of Zhushan Branch Line.  The tickets of the branch line is sold on spot only one day in advance.

Official Website of Alisan Forest Railway

  • Chiayi <->Fenchuhu (Alisan Forest Railway Main Line)
  •          Alisan Forest Railway Main Line is not totally open to public. However, you can also take the forest railway between Chiayi & Fenchihu. That's also the most interesting part of Alisan Forest Railway since you can experience how engineer designed the railway mechanism to overcome the climbing challenge  100 year ago.
             You can book from  Official Website of Alisan Forest Railway  2 weeks in advance. For More details about booking Alisan Forest Railway, please refer to Booking Alisan Forest Train Tickets.
            Although you can not take Alisan Forest Railway from Chiayi to Alisan directly. but you can take the train to Fehchihu, arriving at 11:20, enjoy the famous Fenchihu lunchbox and then take shuttle bus to Alisan at 12:50pm. 
    Alisan Forest Train Timetable of Main Line
    • Chiayi <-> Alisan (Taiwan Trip Shuttle Bus)

          Taiwan Trip Shuttle Bus is the most popular transportation to Alisan.  The timetables of Taiwan Shuttle Bus Alisan Route A(HSR Chiayi Station) and Route B(Chiayi Railway Station) are listed as below:
    Route A: HSR Chiayi Station<->Alisan
    Route B: Chiayi Train Station<->Alisan

            A common question from some traveling forum is day trip to Alisan. It is doable. The day trip is much easier if you can stay overnight at Chiayi one day in advance of your Alisan day trip. It is doable as well if you cannot stay overnight at Chiayi. However, it is exhausting. The following itinerary is day trip example from Taipei. 
    TransportationHSRBRTShuttle BusZhaoping Branch Line
    FromHSR Taipei StationHSR Chiayi StationChiayi Train Station(Front)Alisan Train Station
    ToHSR Chiayi StationChiayi Train Station(Rear)Alisan Train StationZhaoping Train Station
    Fare1080free with HSR ticket230100

    ➢There is direct shuttle bus from HSR Chiayi Station to Alisan Station. However, it departs HSR Chiayi Station at 9:30 and arrive Alisan Train Station at  12:00. You cannot catch the Zhaoping Branch Line if you take the direct bus to Alisan.
    Zhaoping Branch Line Timetable

    ➢Alisan Train Station to Zhaoping Train Station is 1.5km slight uphill. Most Alisan attractions are here. Take the Zhaoping branch line to Zhaoping Train station and go downhill make your day trip easier. You must arrive Alisan Train Station before 11:30 to catch the train since the last run is 13:00.
    Zhaoping Branch Line

    ➢BRT stop and Alisan Shuttle bus stop is at different side of Chiayi Train Station. There is a footbridge crossover the train station.30 minutes (7:35 am ~8:25) of BRT is a rough estimation.  It is pretty rush to catch the shuttle bus.
    Booing Shuttle Bus ticket from Chiayi Station to Alisan Station at Familymart
    ➢In Alisan cherry blossom season, there would be Steam Locomotive between Alisan Train Station and Zhaoping Train Station in Wednesday morning.
    Steam Locomotive in front of Alisan Police Station
    ➢The last shuttle to HSR Chiayi Station is 16:40.

    • Fenchihu->Alisan
            As the timetable mentioned above. there are only 2 runs of bus for each way between Alisan and Fenchihu and takes 1 hour.

          Fenchihu-> Alisan        11:30  12:50
          Alisan    -> Fenchihu    10:10  14:10*
    The following itinerary examples are 2 days itinerary for different situations:
    Chiayi->Fenchihu(Forest Train)->Alisan(Overnight) ->Chiayi
    Chiayi(Forest Train, 9:00am)->(11:20am)Fenchihu(Taiwan Trip Bus,12:50pm)->(1:50pm)Alisan
    **Buy Zhushan Branch Lines tickets when you arrive Alisan Train Station.
    Alisan Train Station->(Zhushan Branch Line)Zhushan Train Station->Alisan Train Station->Chiayi Train Station
    Chiayi->Alisan(Overnight)->Fenchihu(Forest Train) ->Chiayi
    Another alternative is go to Alisan first and take Alisan Forest Train in Day 2
    Day 1:
    Chiayi Train Station->Alisan
    ** Please arrive Alisan Train Station before 1 pm in order to buy the tickets of Zhushan Branch Line
    Day 2
    Alisan Bus Stop(Taiwan Trip Bus,10:10) ->(11:10 )Fenchihu(Alisan Forest Railway,14:00)->(16:20)Chiayi Railway Station

           If you can book the train uphill and downhill, taking Taiwan trip bus  to Alisan first and take Alisan Forest Train from Fenchihu to Chiayi in Day 2 is a better choice since you have 3 hours a Fenchihu.

    <Further Information>
    • Package Tickets
           Since most visitors won't stay at only one places and needs tickets of ferry boat, cable car, and etc, there are some package tickets you can choose.  Follow the instruction on the package tickets and use the tickets one by one, the package tickets make your itinerary much easier.And most important , the discount for some package tickets may be up to 40%.
             Nantou Bus issues package tickets with discount and convenient guide for Sun Moon Lake, Alisan, Xitou. You can buy these package at Nantou Bus counter in HSR Taichung Station(Gate 5, Floor 1), Gancheng Station(closed to Taichung Train Station), Puli Station, Shuishe Station.
      Sun Moon Lake, Alisan Package Tickets

      Sun Moon Lake, Xitou  Package Tickets
             There are also package tickets for You can buy these package at Nantou Bus counter in HSR Taichung Station(Gate 5, Floor 1), Gancheng Station(closed to Taichung Train Station).
      Cingjing Package Tickets
      1. You can also choose Gangchen Bus Station, 15 minutes away from Taichung Railway Station by walking, instead of "HSR Taichung Station" in the summary table above.
      2. The round-ticket of NTD 680 and NTD 990 between SML & HSR Taichung Station includes

       (1)HSR Taichung Statin<->SML 
       (2)HSR Taichung Statin<->Puli,  
              Puli means you can stopover at National Chi Nan University, Taomikeng (Paper Dome), Dayan or Antique Assam Tea Farm.
      Paper Dome, Puli

      1. 3.For how to arrange the itinerary of Alisan & SML, please visit another post.
      2. 4.You can buy For NTD 360 & NTD 680 package at 7-11
      NTD360 & NTD680 Package ticket sold at 7-11

      • Itinerary Examples
      Nantou Chiayi/Route


      Sun Moon Lake

      Jiji Line









             You can find more itinerary examples from the following list.  For more itinerary examples of other areas, including Taichung, Nantou & Chiayi, etc , please refer to Area Itinerary Examples.
      Itinerary Example NC_2

      • Other Toptics

      57 則留言 :

      1. Please explain concerning to e-tickets (price NT1020): should I use this e-ticket
        within a one day or within several consecutive days?

        For example: can I take a Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Boat today? Sun Moon Lake
        Ropeway Round-trip next day? Round-the-lake Bus One Day Pass the day after


        1. Information Source(only Chinese):

          You can use the NTD 1,020 e-tickets within the following 15 consecutive days
          e-tickets(special edition easycard) include:
          1. SML boat (full trip)
          2. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village ticket
          3. Taicung<->SML round ticket
          4. one-day ticket of Round Lake bus

      2. Please explain concerning to e-tickets (price NT1020): should I use this e-ticket
        within a one day or within several consecutive days?

        For example: can I take a Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Boat today? Sun Moon Lake
        Ropeway Round-trip next day? Round-the-lake Bus One Day Pass the day after


      3. Hi Sullivan
        Thanks so much for the detailed info you put in this blog. My friend and I are will be spending 2D 1N in Nantou and we'll very appreciate if you could help us as first time travellers. There are lots of places we can visit but given the limited time, which would better in terms of trasportation costs and time alloted for travelling:
        1. CingJing & Mei Feng Farm
        2. CingJing & SML
        3. CingJing & Xitou Forest Recreational Area

        1. If you have only 2D1N, I will recommend Cingjing &SML and stay one night at Cingjin.
          You could leave your luggage at the luggage storage center in Chengkung or Taichung Railway Station. Only NTD 30~70 for one day.

      4. Can you please help me as a first time traveller on a budget?

        Would be arriving at the airport at 6am in the morning. Plan to take the HSR to Taichung and from there proceed straight to SML. Is there any locker at SML for our luggage.

        We plan to move on to stay overnight at Cingjing after SML. Is that feasible? How should I proceed to Cingjing from SML? Do I need to transfer at Puli?

      5. Since you wont go to SML after SML->Cingjing, you don't need a locker at SML.
        You can transfer at Puli or take carpool between Cingjin and SML, depending on your budget.

      6. Hi, I plan to visit Alishan on 2 May 2016. Is the forest train still available in Chiayi? After that I have to transit from Fengchihu or shuttle bus up to Alishan right? May I know how can I buy the train and bus ticket online?

        1. Booking here.
          My English instruction is under construction.

      7. Hi, I wish to go to Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing from Taichung. Is it possible to cover both places within 1 day trip? How can I reach Sun Moon Lake then Cingjing from Taichung?
        Taichung -> Sun Moon Lake -> Cingjing -> Taichung

        1. It is possible.However:
          1.You need to hire a cab
          2.You may have less than one hour for Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing. In a normal itinerary, it takes more than 3 hours for each attraction.

      8. Hi I will be going to Taichung from Kaoshiung. I will be in Taichung for 3 days 2 nights. I have booked a hotel (Fengchia Disney) in Taichung from 16th -17th Dec and intend to book a minsu from 17th - 18th in Cingjing.
        I want to visit Alishan and Cingjing. May I know what is the best route to travel?

        1. If you don't want to go to Sun Moon Lake.
          17th Taichung Train Station(or HSR Taichung)->(Nantou Bus)Cinjing
          18th Cinjing->(Nantou Bus)HSR Taichung Station->(HSR 11:40) HSR Chiayi Station->Alisan
          IF you want to go to Sun Moon Lake.
          16th Taichung Train Station(or HSR Taichung)->(Nantou Bus)Cinjing
          17th Cinjing->(Nantou Bus transfer at Puli or Carpool direct to SML)SML
          18th SML->(YL Bus)Alisan

      9. Hi,
        What are the methods available to get from Cingjing to Alishan and may I get a price comparison for them as well? Thank you!

        1. If you mean by public transportation in one day, the only alternative is:
          Alisan(Chiayi Bus 10:10 NTD 271)->(13:10)HSR Chiayi Station(13:32 NTD380)->(13:58)HSR Taichung Station(Nantou Bus NTD251 14:45 )->Cingjing
          Alisan(Chiayi Bus 9:10 NTD 230)->(11:40)TRA Chiayi Station(Train NTD 224 12:15)->(13:27) Taichung Station(Nantou Bus NTD251 14:25)->

      10. Hi, I arrived at Taichung at 7-8am and will have stay here for 2ngihts and 3 days. I want to visit both Alishan,SML and ofc taichung night markets. Is this feasible? Also can you suggest which pass is suitable for me and which attraction should i go first?


        1. D1 Taichung Airport->SML (take carpool to the SML, or take bus to HSR Taichung Station and take Nantou Bust to SML)
          D2 SML(Yuanlin Bus)->Alisan (Remember to book in advance)
          D3 Zusan Sunrise (Rember to buy the ticket in D2)
          Alisan(Bus)->Fenchihu(Forest Train)->Chiayi

      11. Hi, I'll arrive at 1am at Taoyuan Airport. I plan to spend 3d2n in Alishan-SML-Cingjing. Can you suggest an itinerary for me? Which transportation is best for me to maximize the time? I will be traveling with a friend. Thanks!

        1. Only 24h bus to Taipei.If Alisan-SML-Cingjing is your only itinerary in Taiwan, you can take UBus 1627 to Zhongli,

          and transfer Bus 1618 to Chiayi Train Station.

      12. Hi, may I ask if I would like to travel from SML to Taichung (one way), where can I purchase the ticket and how much would it costs?

        Thanks in advance!

        1. You can use easycard/ipass directly or buy the ticket at Nantou Bus Stop

      13. where is the best place to stay if i would like to visit sun moon lae, cingjing and taichung? thanks

      14. Wow, I just want to say thank you for this detailed post!! I was literally dying from planning this trip because of all the bus lines and options until I saw your posts. Thanks so much!

      15. Hi Sullivan,

        First, I am so very grateful for all the information your blog provides. It's amazing!! Second, I was wondering if there is transport between Qingjing and Alishan (if I skip SML).
        I am traveling from Taipei as well - would it make more sense to go Taipei-Qingjing-Alishan and then back? Or flip the order of Qingjing and Alishan?

        1. If you want to travel from Cingjing to Alian in one day:
          Cingjing->HSR Taichung Station->HSR Chiayi Station->Alisan. IF you skip SML, the order doesn't matter. However, you need to take a look of the timetable.

      16. hii what do you mean nantou bus? is it a bus or a bus station? so it is provided from cingjing? and you said from cingjing(nantou bus)transfer to puli or carpool direct to SML, do you mean if i choose not to carpool, so i will take the nantou bus to Puli than to SML? but how can i go from Puli to SML? is Puli there a bus or train station? i don't get it.

        1. In all of my blogs, I would say Station if there is a station.
          You need to transfer at Puli Station if you take bus to SML. You can find the timetable by "Bus between Taichung & Cingjing" in this blog and Puli Station is in the timetable.

      17. plus, what do you mean nantou bus will provide package tickets? what are those? the tickets for playing there? or ferry tickets or?

        1. The package tickets include ropeway, ferry tickets , round lake bus. All the service is around SML.

      18. hi sullivan, im planning go to Love Moncoeur at Xinshe area. Can you advice me how to go there by using public transportation from feng jia?

        1. No public transportation to Moncoeur. The most cheapest transportation is taking taxi from Taiyuan Train Station

      19. It's can take bus to zhong xing Ling bus stop then ride a cab to love moncoeur?

        1. Sure, but Zhong Xing Ling to Moncoeur is 15.2K and Taiyuan Train Station to Moncoeur is 8.4KM

      20. Hi I plan to have 5 days Trip in Taiwan

        1. Taroko (I already see your post how to get there from taipei)
        2. Cingjing Farm
        3. Sun Moon Lake
        4. Alishan
        5. Taipei

        Is there any ways i could go to Cingjing farm from Taroko?

        1. Yes.

          But there are pros and cons.

      21. Hi,

        I am planning my trip to TW. The plan was to go from SML - Taichung and i have a few days in Taichung to tour the city. Was thinking to do a day trip to cingjing while i am in Taichung. Will it be better for me to go from SML - Cingjing straight? I am okay to spend a night in Cingjing if needed to. What are the transportation options available?


      22. Going to Cingjing from SML or vice versa is faster than from Taichung. But the carpool is only in the morning.

      23. planning a 9days trip to Beautiful taiwan with my 2 kids. Wanted to plan a trip to cinging farm, SML, alishan and torako. Wanted to cover it 4 days and visit taipei the rest of the day for pingxi and other attraction. Can u help to give some suggestion and minsu and have smooth travel. Thanks being reading your blog closely but still lost in the planning as this is our first trip to taiwan.

        1. You can use the following itinerary examples

      24. Hi Sullivan,

        My flight will arrive 3pm at Taichung airport. I plan to stay a night at a minsu in Cingjing. The carpool from airport to Cingjing costs 550NTD. If I don't want to take the carpool, how can I go from Taichung airport to Cingjing? How long and how much does it take?
        Thank you so much!

        1. Yes.You can check google maps to have more details.
          There are about 3 alternatives.

          I am not sure your key points. I remind you that:
          (1) No public transportation to Cingjing if you want to go to Cingjing the day you arrive Taiwan. The last bus from HSR Taichung to Cingjing is 14:45
          (2) The cheapest is about NTD 440, taking bus to Taichung Station and transfer.


      25. Hi Sullivan,

        I will go to Taiwan this December and stay in Alishan for 1 night. I'm already arranging an itinerary but still confuse with the transportation, maybe you can help me? Here's my plan, please help me correct it :)

        Day 1
        Taipe Central station - Chiayi Station - Alishan Visitor Center(i heard there were luggage storage,is that true?) - Alishan National Recreation Park - BnB

        Day 2
        BnB - (by bus)Fenchihu - Chiayi - Taichung via HSR

        Another question that i want to ask, can we take Alishan Forest Train from Fenchihu to Chiayi? Or the transportation is just public/shuttle bus or taxi? Is there any luggage storage in Fenchihu area?

        Thank you so much!

        1. If you want to catch the bus to Alisan, you need to take HSR to HSR Chiayi Station first. But you need to transfer to Alisan Train station to store your luggage at the luggage center
          You can take the forest train from Fenqichu to Chiayi. No storage luggage center there but lots people there luggage at the Fenqichu Train Station.

      26. 作者已經移除這則留言。

      27. Hi,
        I am planning a trip between Cingjing, SML and Alishan. I am arriving in Cingjing on 1st day evening and planning to visit Cingjing and SML in the second day, and then go to Alishan on the third day. Since my second day itinerary is tight, I am wondering if 2hrs is enough to visit Cingjing farm as I would like to spend more time in SML. And if it is easy to grab taxis around Cingjing (e.g from the main attraction area to the hotel). Any other travelling option between Cingjing and SML because ideally it would be best to arrive in SML around 1/2 pm.
        And can I know what you meant by the last train to Zhaoping is 13:00? since according to the timetable, there are trains after 13:00 to Zhaoping?

        Thanks in advance.

        1. 2hr is pretty rush
          There are carpool between Cinging & SML.
          13:00 is a mistake It should be 15:30

      28. mr chen, where's the pick up point at Qinjing farm before heading to SML?

        1. If you book pool car, the driver will pick up up at your hotel.

      29. For SML=>Puli=>CJ,

        The last 2 bus schedules for Puli=>CJ are at 15:35 & 16:35.

        Combining with SML=>Puli timetable in

        We must leave SML for Puli at 15:35 (or earlier) in order to catch the last Puli=>CJ bus

        If we missed the 15:35 bus in SML, we can only opt for direct buses from OKBus, KKDay & Klook buses which are leaving SML for CJ at around 16:00~16:30

        Is my understanding correct?

      30. You also mentioned carpool. Can you share more about carpool and its fare for SML=>CJ route?

        1. Here are some of carpool/tour bus. Around NTD 450

      31. Hi Sullivan. I'm going to Nantou in October. this is roughly my itinerary:
        1. Alishan
        - By Alishan Forest Railway from Chiayi-Fenqihu
        - Shuttle Bus Line A or B Fenqihu-Alishan
        - Overnight and sunrise in Alishan
        2. Sun Moon Lake
        - By YL Bus 6739
        - Overnight SML
        - Spend the next day in SML
        3. Puli
        - Head to Puli in late afternoon by Nantou Bus (probably will take the last bus at 1925H). And what is the bus fee from SML-Puli?
        - Overnight in Puli
        4. Cinjing Farm
        - Take the Nantou Bus Puli-Cinjing in the morning. Again, bus fee?
        - Spend some time in Cinjing
        - Take afternoon bus to Taichung

        So, apart from my question about the bus fees,
        1. is this doable?
        2. How early can i book the YL bus Alishan-SML?
        3. Is it worth it if i take the SML NT 790 Pass? Does it cover my bus trip SML-Puli as well?
        I'm open to any other suggestion. Thanks in advanced =)

      32. 1.Any purpose staying overninght at Puli?
        2.You can read the inform from the blog. One month in advance

        1. 1. Yes. I thought it will be too late to catch a bus to Cinjing farm and accomodation in Cinjing farm are a lot more expensive.
          Thank you @Travel around Taiwan

      33. Hi As first tine travellers we are planning to stay 3 nights at sun moon lake and do SML,ALISAN and cinjing farm.Is this more convenient or staying in taichung or puli is better.
        Thabks in advance

        1. I cannot get the point of you question.
          No need to stay overningt at Puli.


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