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        What's the images of Taiwan to when talking about Taiwan? What's your visiting priority when you organize your Taiwan itinerary? In addition to Taroko, Ximending, Cinjing, Kenting, Sun Moon Lake, Alisan,  and etc, there are more places you can choose.
        I love backpacking and photography. I travel in Taiwan at least one time every month and I use public transportation instead of driving. If I were a backpacker who is planning to visit Taiwan,  what stories may interest me? what kind of information I need? what is the best to visit? How to arrange the itinerary?
       You can find lots information about the places of  interest in Taiwan. Different from the information you may find easily, this blog will focus on transportation, itinerary and event travel.
       One of the features is all articles use google maps.Maps are the important tool to organize your itinerary. However, your different information resources use different maps. Some draw by themselves and some use simplified maps. It make make me tired to use these maps together, no matter in planning or traveling. I apply google maps in my blog and that's what I do when I travel. You can save my maps in my blog to your "My Places" in google map and load the map with google maps in your mobile phone.

Transportation & Itinerary
         For most traveling information, including guide books and websites, transportation is in the last part of articles. However, transportation is the most difficult part of arranging itinerary. Most of times, I am interested in some gorgeous places from traveling information but I take a few days to figure out the location and transportation system. I am exhausted by this procedure.
        Public transportation is the major part of my blog. For example, how to get to Hualine from Taipei without booking train ticket in advance. In fact, you can access the Taroko Gorge faster by my solution and even return to Taipei in one day.
        Transportation is also a kind of traveling as well. Some transportation in Taiwan is delightful and the view is fantastic. I recommend  3 prestigious bus lines. The Bus Line from Sun Moon Lake to Alisan goes alone the Central Mountain Range and you can see Yusan Mountain when taking the shuttle bus. Another 2 bus lines go through the middle of Taiwan.
        I collect some of the most popular interesting places and transportation in the following maps. Because of the limitation of google maps, the map not including railway, HSR and metro systems in Taipei & Kaoushung. I hope it works for you. If you need more information, you can drop me a line. I will update the maps and blog basing on your feedback.

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Event Travel
         Most of the information about Taiwan is about places of interest However, event travel is one of the attraction in Taiwan. There most famous event travel is Lantern Festival. In fact, there are lots of gorgeous events you may enjoy when you visit Taiwan. Event travel in Taiwan can be classified into 2 categories.
  • Culture Event-Sky Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Ghost Month, Mazu Pilgrim 
  • Nature Season Event-Blossom, Bird Watching,Fireflies, Green Reef in Laomei.

Ghost Festival, Ilan
Other Topics
        Some questions from western backpackers about Taiwan is about cycling and hiking. Cycling is so popular in Taiwan. Some may ride free city bikes in the metropolitan area, and some may enjoy long distance riding. I collect some information about how to enjoy cycling in Taiwan.

Cycling in the Easy Rife Valley
Free Bike, Chiayi city

      Hiking is another activity that western travelers are interested in. About 2/3 of Taiwan are rugged mountain area. You can choose one-day hike, or visit Walimi, Yushan Mountain or Snow Mountain within 3 days. There are lots fantastic hiking routes you can choose.  There are lots English introduction about hiking in Taiwan as well. I provide some tips for you to apply the permits. I hope the tips are useful for you.
       Train in Taiwan is cheap and extensive. Train is not transportation, but another kind of travel. You may choose a branch. You may choose a unique train as well.

      If you need more information related to my blog, you can leave a message in my blog directly. If you need more information which I have not provide in my blogger, you can drop me a line litonchen@gmail.com



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