Transportation Between Sun Moon Lake & Alisan: 5-Day Ticket

2013年3月2日 星期六

        Alisan & Sun Moon Lake are both famous scenery spots in Taiwan. How to plan the itinerary? Nantou Bus  provides a 5-day ticket. In additional to Alisan and Sun Moon Lake, you can also enjoy the the mountain view along the trip between Sun Moon Lake & Alisan easily with the 5-day ticket.

View Original Map, Sun Moon Lake<->Alisan

         The 5-day ticket includes 3 bus tickets. Of course, you can buy any one of them separately if you have different itinerary. All the bus information is the same if you only buy one of the bus ticket. The 3 bus tickets are:
  • Taichung HSR Station/ Ganchen(Taichung Railway Station)<->SML
  • SML<->Alisan
  • Alisan<->Chiayi Railway Station/Chiayi HSR Station

      The 5-day ticket is sold at Ganchen Bus Station(Nantou Bus, 600m north of Taichung Railway Station), Taichung HSR Station(Nantou Bus, ground floor),& Chiayi Bus Station(Chiayi Bus,in front of Chiayi Railway Station).
Fenchi Lake, Alisan
Gondola, SML

  • Taichung HSR Station/ Ganchen(Taichung Railway Station)<->SML
  The bus interval is one hour (the bus time with a asterisk is provided in the weekend or holiday ). The journey takes about 2 hours.
Bus Timetable, Taichung<->SML

  • SML<->Alisan
       YL(YuanLin) Bus 6739 provides the service (Line 6739) between SML & Alisan. YL(YuanLin) Bus 6739 goes along HWY 21, on which you can see Yusan Mountain in the east. The time table is as bellow:

       SML 08:00->Sin Yi Farmers' Association   9:10->Tataka 11:10-->Alisan 11:50
       SML 09:00->Sin Yi Farmers' Association 10:10->Tataka 12:10-->Alisan 12:50
       Booking Phone:SML Office 049-2856428
       Alisan 13:00-->Tataka 14:00->Sin Yi Farmers' Association 15:50->SML 16:30
       Alisan 14:00-->Tataka 15:00->Sin Yi Farmers' Association 16:50->SML 17:30
       Booking Phone:Alisan Ticket Agent 05-2679748

        The bus will take a rest at Tataka and Sin Yi Farmers' Association about 20 minutes. The one way ticket costs NTD 307 with easycard and NTD 350 with cash if you don't use the 5-day ticket.
        There is a new regulation that you should book the seat in one day advance. The regulation minimize the uncertainty in your itinerary since YL Bus 6739 is a mini bus.Therefore, when you buy the 5-day ticket, remember to ask the ticket officer to make the phone call and book the bus seat Alisan<->SML for you, especially when you are a foreigner !!

Yusan Mountain
YL Bus 6739, Alisan
  • Alisan<->Chiayi Railway Station/Chiayi HSR Station
      There are 2 bus lines to Alisan, including Chiayi Railway Station and Chiayi HSR Station. Because Chiayi Railway Station is located in the city center and there are more shuttle buses, it is recommended to choose Chiayi Railway Station as your destiny.

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13 則留言 :

  1. Hi, I am not sure where is the pickup point for bus 6506 at Cingjing. Please advise. Thanks! chew[dot]dickson[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. As you can see in the maps, there are some bus signs.
    You can ask the B&B host or 7-11 or visitor center where is the most closed pickup point.

    BTW, there are some construction around taroko. Please ask the nationa park to check whether the Hualien Bus from Lishang to Hualien is available or not.

  3. Hi Sullivan,

    I'm keen on the Alisan -> SML bus. Can the bus ticket be bought in advance online?


    1. The ticket cannot be bought online.
      Generally, you have to buy on sight.
      I have heard that if you stay in the hotel in Alisan, you can buy ticket in hotel. But I'm not sure is it true.

      I don't think you need to worry the ticket. There should be seats available, especially in the weekdays.

    2. According to the information of 9/30/202013
      You may book in advance by the phone 《049-2770041》

  4. From Alishan, I need to go to Chiayi HSR to take the train to Tainan, Which bus should I take from Alishan to Chiayi HSR? What are the times of the schedule of the bus?

    From what I understand, the bus goes from Alishan to Chiayi bus station. How do I go to Chiayi HSR?

    I cannot read Chinese.

    1. HSR and TRA are different railway systems.
      Alisan<->Chiayi HSR
      Alisan<->Chiayi Railway Station (TRA)

      TRA is much better for you.
      1.The shuttle bus frequency (Alisan<->Chiayi TRA)is higher
      2.Both TRA Chiayi and Tainan stations is located in the city centers. Both HSR stations are in rural area.

  5. can the bus from alishan to SML fit our luggage because it looks small in size?

  6. Hi Sullivan,
    In Alishan,where is the bus stop of the bus 6397 to SML? Thanks a lot.

    1. The bus stop is next to 7-11, a few meters in front of Alisan Train Station.

  7. Hi Sullivan,
    Can we use this "5 day ticket" to go from Alishan to SML, then from SML to Taichung? Thanks!

    1. Yes you can


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