Transportation to Taichung

2015年11月5日 星期四

        There is always a question from foreign visitors: "How to go to Taichung/Fenjia Night Market from HSR Taichung station". However, the question should be "How to go to Taichung/Fenjia Night Market from HSR Taichung station", which excludes the premise : HSR Taichung Station.

Transportation to Taichung

    Since HSR Taichung station is at southwest corner of Taichung city center, unless your destiny is Sun Moon Lake or Cingjin. HSR Taichung Station is not a good choice if your destiny is Fenjia night market since you pay double~triple the price comparing to bus from Taipei or Taoyuan Airport but save only less one hour. Lets make a comparison:

  • From Taipei
By Bus:
Taipei Bus Station(UBus 1619)->Ciaoma(Taxi)->Fenjia
Cost :NTD 220 + NTD 100= NTD 320
Time: Around 150 minutes
The interval of Bus 1619 is 10~15 minutes

Taipei Main Station->HSR Taichung Station(Bus 160)->Fenjia Night Market
Cost: NTD 740
Time 100 minutes

That's a trade off  : would your save 50 minutes by extra NTD 420 ?

  • From Taoyuan Airport
By Bus:
Taoyuan Airport(UBus 1623)->Ciaoma(Taxi)->Fenjia
Cost :NTD 230 + NTD 100= NTD 330
Time: Around 90 minutes
The interval of Bus 1623 is 10~15 minutes

Taoyuan Airport(Bus 705)->HSR Taichung Station(Bus 160)->HSR Taichung Station(Bus 160)->Fenjia Night Market
Cost: NTD 30+570=NTD 600
The interval of Bus 705 is 5~15 minutes
Time:20+35+40=95 minutes <not include the time of transfer>

The answer is much clear if you go to Fenjia Night Market by HSR

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  1. Hi, if we are staying near Taichung railway station would taking a bus or HSR be a better choice? We are leaving from taoyuan airport.

    1. If you leave from Taoyuan airport to Taichung Train Station, bus 1623 is a better choice since you don't need to transfer

  2. Hi Sullivan, your blog has been a great help in in my Taiwan trip . I am planning a day trip to Caotun from Taipei Main station by HSR both way on the 11th Feb which is the 15th day after Chinese New Year
    My questions are:
    - How much is the taxi fare from Taichung HSR station to Caotun?
    - Is Uber available in Taichung/Caotun?
    - Would there be many people travelling during this time?
    Thanks Sullivan

    1. 11th Feb is the Yuanxiao Festival(Lantern Festival). Do you decide to give up Sky Lantern Festival or other Festival?
      It costs around NTD 700 by taxi and NTD 57 by Bus
      11th Feb is a usual weekend. If you don't go to some festivals, not many people there.
      About some festivals on 11th Feb 2017


  3. Hello Sullivan, really thankful to you for providing lots of helpful information to us!
    I'm planning to travel from Kaohsiung to Taichung on 15 April for 2 nights stay at Taichung.
    Would appreciate if you can provide some advice to me on the following:
    1) I'm considering to take either HSR or TRA from Kaohsiung to Taichung. I already know the cost and duration via the HSR way, but I could not find any information via the TRA way. May I know what is the correct station names to search on the TRA website?
    2) Is it correct that the Taichung TRA station has baggage storage room whereas the HSR station only has lockers?
    3) My plan is to deposit my luggage for few hours to take my lunch and shop at YiZhong Street. After that, will go down to Fenjia night market at my hotel is in that area. If my research is correct, I can take free shuttle bus from Taichung HSR to Fenjia if I had taken the HSR? May I know if you have any info on the shuttle bus timings? Otherwise, may I know what other bus can I take to Fenjia?

    Thanks in advance for your help and reply! :)

    1. (1)Another blog about the train
      You can also take shuttle bus. Higher frequency and lower price comparing to TRA
      (3) The 160 interval is 30~40 minutes

  4. Hi Sullivan, this is currently part of my itinerary:
    Day 1-5 in Taipei (for countdown) - Day 5 in Taichung (one night stop over)- Day 6 Trip to SML and stay in Cingjing - Day 7 Head back to Taichung for another 3d/2n

    Would like to ask for your recommendations on the following:
    1. Should I skip the 1night stay in Taichung and head to SML for 1 night instead?
    2. If I still decide to stay in Taichung for night, should I stay near Fengjia or the HSR?

    Thank you

    1. 1.If you don't have any plan in Taichung, skip it. Take HSR to Taichung and transfer to SML
      2. HSR is in rural area. It is boring and not easy to find a hotel near the HSR station. Lots hotels near FJ and Taichung Station.

    2. Hi Sullivan, noted :) Thank you so much and for your sharing, your blog has helped me a lot in my planning :)

  5. Hi, how can I get around the attraction of TaiChung. Is MRT available? And what is BRT in TaiChung? Thanks

    1. NO MRT nor BRT in Taichung
      Taichung attractions public transportation

  6. Hi, I am going to Taichung on November 24, at noon. my interested spots are Xinshe Sea of Flower, Gushen View Restaurant, Gaomei Wetlands. Is it possible to go there in half day? Due to there's no shuttle bus to go to Xinshe Sea of Flower in the weekday . please advise me how to get there.

    1. Unless you hire a cab, you can only finish one of them.

  7. Can you guide me how can I travel from Hualien to Taichung by train? Also how long is the journey?

    1. 3 hours from Hualien to Taipei by TRA and 1 hours from Taipei to Taichung by HSR


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