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        The distance between Kenting & Hualien is about 300 KM. It is also one the remote areas in Taiwan so that there are fewer public transportation choices. Here are some transportation alternatives and provide some itinerary examples for you to follow.
The East Rift Valley.
         For most foreigner visitors who travel between Kenting & Hualien, the transportation is much difficult to arrange. The distance is almost 300 KM and you need to transfer if you take public transportation, It is remote area, comparing to other areas, and the train frequency is low. Here is some transportation information that may make your itinerary more smoother.

  • Tour Bus
        The service started from March, 2015. This is the most convenient transportation since you don't need to transfer at Fangliao.  You can also aboard from Taitung.
       Every morning there is a tour bus launches from Hualien / Kenting toward Kenting / Hualien. The trip takes about 8~9 hours and costs NTD 1,200 for each passenger. The tour bus also stops at some attractions along the east coast and arrives Kenting / Hualien around evening.

The ticket information and timetable are as below :

From Hualien:
Bus Stop: Tzen Sticky Rick Cake(Next to Hualien Bus General Station)
Departure Time: 9:30 am
Booking Phone: (03)831-0697

From Kenting:
Bus Stop: Starbucks
(The tour bus can pick you up if your hotel is located on the way to Hualien)
Departure Time: 9:15am
Booking Phone: (08)888-1315

        Different from by bus/train transfer, which is introduced in next section, the route of tour bus is along east coast line (HWY 11), and railway is along the East Rift Valley (HWY 9). If you are tired of transfer, the tour bus would be a better choice.

  • Bus/Train Transfer
        In additional to fare, timetable and etc, the major difference is the view. The route of the tour bus is along the 150KM endless east coast and the train is along the East Rift Valley, which will become a golden rice field in July and October. Since the tour bus will take a rest at some attractions, it take 8~9 hours to finish to 300 KM trip. However, if you have booked the fastest train, you can arrive within 6 hours.
        The following table are itinerary examples.  Be noted that the timetable of train and bus may change, Please confirm in advance.
Hualien-Kenting Transportation Examples

        Bus<Fangliao to Kenting>
        You can take 9117、9188、9189 between Fangliao & Kenting. It takes about 1 hour. The first bus is 9117, which departs Kenting toward Fangliao and Kaohsiung at 4 am. The last bus departs at 23:20. The bus service is almost 24h.  If you want to catch the train to Taitung/Hualien, please arrive Fanliao train station at least 20 minutes in advance.

        Train <Fangliao to Hualien>
        For information about booking, payment and collection train ticket, please refer to Booking Train Ticket. Since Taitung Station is the most important station along the way and most passengers alight here, no matter from Fangliao to Hualien or from Hualien to Fangliao, you can buy 2 tickets (Fangliao<->Taitung, Taitung<->Hualien) for the same train if you can not book reserved tickets for Fanliao<->Taitung.      
        If you have a few hours, you can stopover at Chishang. Renting a bike and riding in the rice field is enjoyable. Th best time to visit is Jun & Oct, the time the rice is ripe and the filed become golden puzzle. January is another best month to visit Chishang, it is the month of rapeseed flower.

        Train <Fangliao to Taitung>+<Taitung to Hualien>
        Taitung is a transportation center of southeast Taiwan. It is the terminal stations of lots trains. Therefore, only about 5 trains between Fangliao and Hualien everyday. But if you transfer at Taitung, There would be more choices.  For example, you can take Tze-Chaing 371 from Fangliao to Taitung and then take Tze-Chiang 421 to Hualien. You can know more about how to booking train ticket from Booking Train Tickets.

        Fangliao is a tier 3 station. Not many express trains stop here. However,  10 express trains every day is flexible for you to arrange your itinerary.
Train TypeTrain CodeOrigin-DestDepartureArrivalEstimated TimeFare
Tze-Chiang Limited Express333Xinzuoying→Taitung06:1307:5001h 37m$223
Local Train3501Chaozhou→Taitung06:2808:3502h 07m$143
Chu-Kuang Express701Xinzuoying→Taitung08:0210:0702h 05m$172
Tze-Chiang Limited Express301Tainan→Hualien08:1809:3301h 15m$223
Tze-Chiang Limited Express371Taichung→Taitung10:3512:0201h 27m$223
Chu-Kuang Express751Changhua→Taitung10:5612:4501h 49m$172
Local Train3671Fangliao→Taitung11:0013:2702h 27m$104
Tze-Chiang Limited Express307Xinzuoying→Hualien11:4013:0401h 24m$223
Chu-Kuang Express51Taipei→Hualien12:1813:4901h 31m$172
Tze-Chiang Limited Express311Xinzuoying→Taitung13:3815:1001h 32m$223
Tze-Chiang Limited Express313Xinzuoying→Taitung15:2417:1201h 48m$223
Tze-Chiang Limited Express317Xinzuoying→Hualien17:3919:0901h 30m$223
Chu-Kuang Express705Xinzuoying→Taitung18:3020:5002h 20m$172
Tze-Chiang Limited Express323Xinzuoying→Hualien19:2920:5901h 30m$223
Tze-Chiang Limited Express373Changhua→Taitung20:4822:1501h 27m$223
Tze-Chiang Limited Express325Xinzuoying→Taitung21:2422:5601h 32m$223
Train from Fangliao to Taitung

       There are more choice between Taitung  & Hualien since Taitung is a tier 1 station and and Hualien is a supreme station. The tickets between Hualien & Taitung are easy to book. If you have enough time, you can stop at some attractions including Chishang, Guanshan. You can use the same to exit the train station and come back to take another train to your destiny station. Although you don't have a reserved seat, you can easy to find a seat available.
Train TypeTrain CodeOrigin-DestDepartureArrivalEstimated TimeFare
Puyuma401Taitung→Shulin05:0506:3701h 32m$343
Taroko405Taitung→Shulin06:1808:0001h 42m$343
Tze-Chiang Limited Express407Taitung→Shulin06:2209:0002h 38m$343
Local Train4617Taitung→Hualien06:4210:3303h 51m$220
Puyuma411Taitung→Shulin07:5509:4101h 46m$343
Local Train4621Taitung→Hualien08:5412:4303h 49m$220
Tze-Chiang Limited Express301Tainan→Hualien09:3911:4002h 01m$343
Tze-Chiang Limited Express303Xinzuoying→Hualien10:5013:3802h 48m$343
Taroko417Zhiben→Shulin11:2012:4701h 27m$343
Chu-Kuang Express653Taitung→Changhua11:2514:5203h 27m$264
Tze-Chiang Limited Express421Taitung→Shulin12:2314:2602h 03m$343
Tze-Chiang Limited Express307Xinzuoying→Hualien13:0715:5302h 46m$343
Puyuma425Taitung→Shulin14:0015:5701h 57m$343
Chu-Kuang Express51Taipei→Hualien14:0416:4302h 39m$264
Local Train4637Taitung→Hualien14:1818:0803h 50m$220
Tze-Chiang Limited Express427Taitung→Shulin15:0616:5701h 51m$343
Puyuma431Taitung→Shulin15:2117:2402h 03m$343
Chu-Kuang Express81Taitung→Shulin16:1518:2602h 11m$264
Tze-Chiang Limited Express435Taitung→Shulin16:3819:1102h 33m$343
Taroko441Zhiben→Shulin17:5019:1701h 27m$343
Chu-Kuang Express611Taitung→Hualien18:0521:3303h 28m$264
Puyuma445Taitung→Shulin18:4820:3701h 49m$343
Tze-Chiang Limited Express317Xinzuoying→Hualien19:1522:0002h 45m$343
Puyuma447Taitung→Shulin20:2722:1301h 46m$343
Tze-Chiang Limited Express323Xinzuoying→Hualien21:0323:3902h 36m$343
Train from Taitung to Hualien

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